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Are MG cars good?

When choosing a new car, you want to know that you’re investing in quality that won’t let you down. With the new car lineup from MG, you can be confident that you’re driving away in a model that will more than meet expectations. In fact, not only are MG models reliable, but they are affordable to repair. As such, you can be confident that any maintenance work won’t cost you a fortune.

Who makes MG cars?

MG Motor UK Limited is a British manufacturer based in Birmingham. A subsidiary of Shanghai-based SAIC Motor, MG Motor develops and builds all the models under the MG name, so you can rest assured nothing but the very best in British engineering.

What does MG car mean?

The MG name is derived from the initials of Morris Garage. Originally registered by MG Car Company Limited, the company was founded in the 1920s to develop British sports cars and was a sideline to W.R. Morris’ Oxford city retail sales and servicing business. Since this time, the company has since been taken over by SAIC Motor, but continues to retain the iconic MG name.

Where is the new MG3 made?

Right here in the UK. In fact, to be specific, the MG3 is shipped in component form to the company’s factory in Longbridge, where it is carefully assembled by an experienced team of vehicle technicians.

What tyres should I use on my MG?

Like all vehicles, there is a specific selection of tyres suitable for any model in the MG lineup. These options will be detailed in your vehicle handbook. Alternatively, a member of the team at Islington MG will be happy to provide you with full details of the correct tyres to be used on your vehicle.

Why are MG cars so cheap?

We prefer to think of each and every model in the MG lineup to be affordable, not cheap. This affordability enables the company to be competitive with other makes and models available today and, of course, enables customers to get behind the wheel of a high-quality new car for less.