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 New White Suzuki Swace Exterior

Here at Islington Suzuki, we specialise in providing vehicles and automotive solutions to individuals, businesses and organisations looking to acquire vehicles for their operations. Islington Motor Group is known for its extensive range of vehicles, exceptional customer service, and comprehensive automotive expertise.

Our sales team are equipped with the knowledge and experience to make sure your fleet cars fit your business requirements. We offer a number of fleet sales options, including our latest fleet finance offers.

Leasing a Suzuki vehicle offers several benefits:

  • Lower Monthly Payments: Lease payments are typically lower than loan payments for the same vehicle, making it a more affordable option.
  • Drive Newer Models: Leasing allows you to drive a new Suzuki model every few years, enjoying the latest technology and features.
  • No Resale Hassles: At the end of the lease, simply return the vehicle. No need to worry about selling or trading it in.
  • Potential Tax Benefits: For businesses, lease payments may be tax-deductible, reducing overall costs.
  • Manufacturer Warranty Coverage: Most leases are covered by the manufacturer's warranty, providing peace of mind for repairs and maintenance.

Overall, leasing a Suzuki can be an attractive option for those seeking lower monthly payments, access to newer models, and hassle-free vehicle ownership.


We want to give you the opportunity to fully experience your Suzuki which is why we are more than happy for you to take one of our demonstrators on an extended test drive. We have the full range of Suzuki demonstrators available for up to 24 hours giving you plenty of time to get to know the features and benefits.

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In addition to vehicle sales, Islington Motor Group offer ongoing support for vehicle servicing and maintenance. This can be a crucial aspect for businesses looking to keep their vehicles in optimal condition.

We pride ourselves on commitment to customer satisfaction, ensuring that our customers receive excellent service from the initial inquiry through to the delivery of the vehicles.


We appreciate every business is different and understand that every business has it's own needs, this is why we have a fantastic team on hand to help build the best bespoke quote for your business. Our team will help guide you through the entire process while offering their professional opinion and helping to build you a quote that suits those needs. We aim to provide competitive pricing for fleet purchases. We may be offer bulk purchase discounts and can assist in arranging financing options.

These examples are available until 30th June 2024.

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Model Version

Term (mths)

Deposit Mileage BCH Rental PCH Rental
Ignis 1.2 Mild Hybrid SZ-T Manual 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £204 £244
New Swift 1.2 Mild Hybrid Motion Manual 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £145 £174
New Swift 1.2 Mild Hybrid Motion CVT 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £159 £189
Vitara 1.4 Boosterjet Mild Hybrid SZ-T Manual 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £219 £264
S-Cross 1.4 Boosterjet Mild Hybrid Motion Manual 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £214 £259
Swace 1.8 Full Hybrid Motion CVT 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £299 £359
Across 2.5 Phev E-Four E-CVT 36 x9 Monthly Payments 6,000 £389 £469