Electric motoring with Islington Motor Group Here at Islington Motor Group, we work to ensure that each and every motorist visiting our dealership has complete access to all the very latest electric and hybrid vehicles from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The Electric Range.

We’re delighted to be able to provide you with one of the finest lineups of electric and hybrid vehicles around, with our selection including cars and vans from Citroën, Ford, MG, Suzuki and Vauxhall. Learn more by clicking through the models below.

    Suzuki Swift – Mild Hybrid An icon of the road, the Suzuki Swift now incorporates impressive mild hybrid technology for even more efficient motoring.
    New Citroën eC4 – Electric Standout design is complemented by standout performance with the all-electric Citroën eC4 a true pioneer in the range.
    Ford Fiesta MHEV The ever-popular Ford Fiesta is now available with hybrid engine performance for even greater appeal among hatchbacks.
    Vauxhall Corsa Electric The ever-popular Corsa hatchback is now available in all-electric guise, with its contemporary cabin really standing out.
    Suzuki Ignis – Mild Hybrid This smart and economical model embraces SUV-inspired looks and hatchback capability, with great efficiency as standard.

    The Benefits of Buying Electric.

    Electric cars are greener than internal combustion engine vehicles by a number of key measures, with the exception of the carbon intensity of the manufacturing process.

    Making the switch to electric vehicles enables you to play an important part in the overall health of the environment. All-electric models - and those offering hybrid performance - emit far less CO2 than regular combustion engine models - emissions that are harmful to the environment and air quality around us. As such, you can take to the road knowing your carbon footprint is reduced. Plus, you can benefit from improved mileage and lower running costs, with exemption from road tax also available.

    Key Benefits Include

    • Greener performance
    • Improved running costs
    • Government grants to support purchasing
    • Lower - or zero - road tax

    Types of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles Explained.

    Everything you wanted to know about hybrid, fully electric and fuel cell cars

      Mild-hybrid Mild hybrid models combine a combustion engine with a self-charging battery motor for added efficiency. Utilising technology such as regenerative braking, it converts energy normally lost when driving into an electrical charge. View Model
      Plug-In Hybrid Charging solutions at home and in public can be used to regenerate the battery charge. This is then used to power the vehicle in all-electric mode which complements the traditional combustion engine performance available. View Model
      Electric All-electric vehicles operate via an electric motor without any other source of power. As such, they emit zero CO2 emissions and require charging at a suitable home or public charging station. They also provide exceptional economy. View Model

      Electric Vehicle FAQs.

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      Other Electric Services Got a question or need help with an electric vehicle? If you're looking for your next vehicle, our teams across the country will be happy to assist to help meet and exceed your requirements. Click on the link below to get in contact with your local retailer.