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Letter of Appreciation

24 May 2024

Letter of Appreciation

It's always nice to feel appreciated

Islington Motor Group recently received a heartwarming letter from a loyal customer, expressing their appreciation for the company's products and services. The letter, which was filled with kind words and personal anecdotes, deeply touched the employees at Islington Motor Group and served as a reminder of the positive impact the company has on its customers' lives.

We have always valued our customers and strive to build strong, lasting relationships with them. We strongly believe that customer feedback, both positive and negative, is essential for continuous improvement and growth.


Dear Millie

Even though it has been a few weeks since I bought my  car (White C1), I just wanted to get back to you to let you know how thrilled I am to have it and to thank you for all your kindly given advice and support in my ownership journey.

I have unseen disabilities.  They have limited me greatly over the last four years.  Losing my independence has eroded my confidence and ability to make decisions for myself.

Right from the moment I walked into the Islington showroom I could feel the ethos was different.  I was delighted to meet a lovely, friendly, young woman – who talked to me.  Previously, whilst looking for a car people would talk to my husband not me.  Therefore they didn’t take into consideration what I needed from a car.

You, however, listened to and heard me.  You got the car out into a space so that I could safely look around it.  You and I discussed door openings and seat heights, the storage of my walker, the ability to easily put in and take out the shopping, the space in the back to transport my grandchildren.  You even lay the back seat flat to demonstrate room for my garden center trips!

Having owned the car for several weeks now, this is my feedback to you Millie:

The seat is just the right height for my short legs.  The wider door makes it much easier to get in and out of with my stick.  My husband has been a passenger in the back with plenty of leg room.  The walker fits in the boot (you suggested I check this out before I purchased the car – what a very sensible idea as it is such an important item toward my independence).  The boot takes three bags of shopping!

I can’t thank you and your teams at Islington enough for going above and beyond in customer care.  Please pass on my sincere thanks to the mechanical team, the valeting team and the customer help desk team and especially yourself, Millie.  I am enjoying being able to get out independently.  I can tailor what I do to my energy level, I don’t have to ask for a lift or wait on the bus.  I have the gift of choice and control.  It is empowering.

Could I ask one more thing?  Please forward this letter to your site manager, area manager and head office.  Outstanding work should always be recognised.

Kind regards