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Whether you've just bought your Suzuki or owned it for some time, there's an easy way to take care of it.

With a Suzuki Service Payment Plan, we fix the prices for parts and labour for up to three years. We also guarantee that your car is only ever serviced by Suzuki-trained Technicians using Suzuki Genuine Parts.

You can choose how you want to pay – one total payment upfront or spread the cost with monthly payments. And, because your payment plan is based on your own car and the number of miles you expect to drive each year, you know that you’re paying the right amount for you.

Does my car qualify?
A Suzuki Service Payment Plan is available for most Suzuki models up to six years of age.


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Is my vehicle eligible for a Suzuki Service Payment Plan?

The Suzuki Service Payment Plan is available to owners of most Suzuki models that are up to six years old.

Are there any Suzuki vehicles that would be excluded from the Suzuki Service Payment Plan?

Some older Suzuki models are excluded from the Service Payments Plan: we have an online quotation tool that will indicate which models this applies to. We are currently working on providing a suitable payment plan that all models will be eligible for in the very near future.

If I bought my Suzuki some time ago, can I still purchase a Suzuki Service Payment Plan?

The Suzuki Service Payment Plan has been specifically designed for new and used vehicles, and can be taken out when buying a car or at any time during its ownership. So apart from the standard exclusions mentioned above, there’s no reason why you can’t buy a plan.

How long does the Suzuki Service Payment Plan cover my car for?

Your service plan will include your vehicles next 3 services, depending on your mileage and the service regime of your Suzuki, the payment period of your plan may vary.

What's included in the Suzuki Service Payment Plan?

All items associated with the cost of a Suzuki scheduled service – including the cost of materials, cost of labour and VAT – are covered by your Suzuki Service Payment Plan. An online quote will give you a detailed breakdown of everything that’s included. In addition, to give you complete peace of mind, only Suzuki-trained technicians will work on your vehicle, and they will only use Suzuki-approved lubricants and parts.

What isn’t included?

Anything that isn’t included within the official Suzuki scheduled servicing for your vehicle – for example, any extra maintenance work or adjustments – is also not covered by the Suzuki Service Payment Plan.

If my vehicle is covered by a Suzuki Service Payment Plan, where does it have to be serviced?

The service has to be done at any one of our participating Suzuki Service Centres, in order to be covered by the plan.

How do I arrange for my vehicle to be serviced under the Suzuki Service Payment Plan?

All you have to do is just book the car in directly with your local Suzuki dealer – but make sure that you remember to let them know that you have a Suzuki Service Payment Plan when making the booking. When you go to the dealership, you’ll need to take a copy of your confirmation of cover letter or email with you. The dealer will then undertake the scheduled service and claim the payment directly from us.